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     Passiflora in Holland

"I am a Dutch hobbyist growing many passiflora species. From october till may we grow the passiflora's in our greenhouse in several temperature areas. I am a member of the Passiflora Society International.One of their goals is to prevent rare passionflower species from extinction. Creating new hybrides, is a great challenge. I like to get in contact with ohter enthousiasts in South America to trade seeds and information. This can contribute to have rare passiflora species cultivated and saved.. Visit the image galery with over 750 passionflower images, free to download for personal use. My personal created passiflora hybrides can be seen under the "my hybrides"button. For dutch readers please click the dutch flag above. The "links"button"provides you links to other passiflora sites.  Under "nurseries"you will find a scala of specialised companies who have many passiflora's in stock. The "tips"butten provides growing tips.                                                                   

All my passiflora's are watered with the tropf blumat system to save water and for much better plant shape. Water geven doe ik automatisch met het tropf blumat systeem, kostenbesparend en betere plant verzorging en konditie. Ik ben erg tevreden over het blumat systeem dat nagenoeg voor alle kuipplanten een uitkomst is.  De passiebloemen doen het erg goed. meer info over blumat  via onderstaande link naar


OneThe world's most rare and hardy featherpalms becomes more and more popular in Europe. Jubaea chilensis


Enjoy my site.  Yours,  Henk Wouters